Mind-Body Integration

The Oneness with most issues regarding holding on to oneself despite stress, fear or trauma is most attainable through your mindful awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations regarding disconnections or fragmentations (like a crack in the Liberty Bell-an energetic representation of a split from stress) Mind-Body integration, to me, reflects understanding and acceptance […]

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Talking with Children about Divorce

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one answer that works for everyone?  For young children, I like Fred Rogers’  book Let’s Talk About It: Divorce. Helen Benedict, PhD, Yale University,  is a Clinical Psychologist at Baylor University the past 25 years or so, treating and researching children and their reactions to divorce.  I received […]

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Posts and Replies

As many of you can testify from your own blogs, it is commonplace to receive many hundreds of posts of which only a few are legitimate comments or questions. It takes a long time to approve a legitimate comment.  I will try to avoid adding any advertising, so please make your comments from a […]

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Summer vacation for children and parents

Every Summer begins anew in the hearts and minds of children and their parents.    Children’s iconic steamer trunks may be substituted by packing to hold electronic necessities; and warm hugs and kisses may be augmented by texts and posts on Facebook.  Vacation remains vacation, regardless of world difficulties and personal challenges.  Children receive vital […]

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